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Having worked with dozens of coaches over the years, I know that every single one of them wants nothing but the best for their players. They are typically consumed by the desire to get an extra edge for their kids that will put them ahead of their peers. And it eats at them to see one of their kids go down with a serious injury, especially if they feel it could have been prevented.

Today, the dream for many sports coaches is to give their kids that edge by having a great off-season program, a development system that plays a key role in the success of their team's upcoming season. In this ideal scenario they see players coming back to them faster, stronger, more injury resistant, and with a stronger group bond for having worked so hard together.

In reality, this is not happening as well as it should. Many coaches are scraping together off-season training based on what they used to do, have found an eager but inexperienced strength coach who puts together a program for their team to follow, or are using an outdated training system that used to pass for 'cutting-edge training' about 25 years ago. The results they will see from any of these scenarios may have some positive impact, but nowhere near as much as it could be having with a few critical tweaks.

For anyone using or planning to use a team training program for their athletes, know that there are ways to enhance the program you are using without having to start from scratch. Make sure these 8 critical guidelines are all in place if you want to really see your kids come back physically and mentally tougher for next season:


Why let Edge Fitness Pro's develop and run YOUR Team Training program?

The facts are:

 1.    Teams that train together year round perform better! Many collegiate and even high school teams have a year-round training program in place. Available to everyone, these programs guarantee progressive athletic skill-set improvement. Pairing this development with the reinforcement of sport-specific skills assures maximal off-season and pre-season improvement!

 2.     Teams that have a scientifically rational, progressive training system suffer fewer early injuries! The truth is that when athletes enter their seasons ready to play and at maximal conditioning levels, their teams suffer fewer injuries in the tryout/pre-season prep phase.

3.     Teams with organized in-season training programs suffer fewer injuries during the season! In 2005, the University of Maryland men's soccer team used an in-season program of 30-35 minutes of functional sports fitness training 3 times a week. In that season, Maryland won the National Championship! They reduced their injury rate, increased output on the field, and basically blew by their opponents!

4.     Teams that train functionally improve fastest! Functional Sports Fitness Training is the fastest and most efficient way to convert physical and athletic skills into sport-specific skill mastery! Core training feeds strength training. Strength training feeds power training. Power training feeds speed and agility training. The combined athletic skill-sets make it easier for athletes to master sport-specific skills and apply them at game time.

5.     Teams that train together overcome adversity and have more fun! When they work hard together, they're ready to take it to the field, court or ice together! Challenges become minimized and victory simply becomes part of the team culture! Isn't that why we play our sports? Because winning is more fun than losing?!?

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Baseball Team Training w/ Pitching Instruction & Athletic Development

$ 150 USD

1 1/2 hour Sessions

Both Cages

Pitching Instruction

Athletic Development

Team Training

$ 100.00 USD

Up to 12 Athletes each add. $10

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