Edge Baseball Holiday Camps

Holiday Camps

Dec 19th-23rd 10am-noon

Dec 19th-23rd 6pm-8pm

Dec 26th-30th 10am-noon

Dec 26th-30th 6pm-8pm 

Single days now available

 Presenting cutting edge information taught at the highest level. Learn the

difference between personal style and the absolute fundamentals demonstrated by

ALL high level players.

Sample Holiday Camp Schedule

 Ground Mobility warm-up

 Dynamic Mobility warm-up

 Agility and Speed warm-up

 Med ball Rotational work

 Med ball Power work

 Arm care

  • Band work

  • Shoulder Tube
  • Wrist weights
  • Weighted Balls (M-W-F)


  • Drills to increase bat speed
  • Live hitting (M-W-F)


  • Mechanic Drills (no Ball)
  • Power Drills (Weighted and Baseball)
  • Bullpen w/Instruction (M-Th) or (Tu-Fr)

 Strength and Conditioning( Circuit Based)

  • Strength and Power 
  • Baseball Specific work


Ray Reed will spearhead the Hitting, Strength, Speed and Agility development.

 He is the Only IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the

 Tampa area and 1 of 3 IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist. A former Gaither High

 School assistant for 13 years, a manager or coach for four Pony Baseball Colt

 World Series Champions. Manager for an  AAU National Champion and has

 developed numerous players for the college and pro level..

 Caleb Graham will be supervising the pitching instruction,  arm strength and arm

 care component of the program. Caleb Graham grew up in the Tampa Bay Area

 and graduated from Gaither High School in 2005. #1 Pitcher for Gaither’s

 2005 State runner up team. Also was the Saladino Tournament MVP '03 & '05.

 Pitched in the ACC and CUSA for FSU and UCF from '06-'09. In 2009 signed with

 the Los Angeles Angels. From there played 6 years in professional baseball and

 making it to every level from rookie ball to AAA. Also attended Major League Spring

 Training camp with the Angels and played in the Caribbean Winter league located

 in Puerto Rico.  


Ready to Commit? Limited Space available!!!

 If you're ready to become a complete player, we're ready to commit to helping you.

 If you have any questions Please Call Ray Reed at 813-507-3379

Holiday Baseball Camp

$ 125.00 USD

Save $25 by Dec 1st

Week1 10am-Noon Dec 19th-23rd

Holiday Baseball Camp

$ 125 USD

Save $25 by Dec 1st

Week 2 Dec 26th-30th 10am-Noon

Holiday Camp

$ 100 USD

Edge Players Only

5 Day

Holiday Baseball Camp

$ 100 USD

Save $20 by Dec 1st

 Week 1 Dec 19th-22nd 6pm-8pm

Holiday Baseball Camp

$ 100 USD

Save $20 by Dec 1st

Week 2 Dec 26th-29th 6pm-8Pm

Holiday Camp

$ 80 USD

Edge Players Only

4 Days

Single Day Camp

$ 25 USD

Pay for as many days as you wish to attend

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