Getting in some off season work!!

Goals for the Spring Season

Defensive Goals

Perfect Infield/outfield routine

Establish Bunt defenses

Establish 1st & 3rd Defenses

Perfect run down procedures

Offensive Goals

Develop Base running techniques & skills 

Develop Offensive skills (bunting, hit &run, hitting behind runners etc.)


 Pitching Goals

Develop pick off moves

Improve time to plate

Develop three levels of pitching

Dominate outer half of plate

Mental Approach

Strength & Conditioning Goals 

Improve Power

Gain strength

Improve Athletic Ability


Team Goals




Positive Coaching 

Edge Travel Baseball Teams, 13u – 16u

The Edge Travel Program aims to deliver elite caliber baseball coaching that prepares players mentally and physically to showcase themselves. Our primary focus is on player development, not just ‘trophy chasing’!

If you live, eat, and breathe to play baseball, then the Edge travel baseball organization can help take your skills to the next level. Whether you are striving to get on the high school team or getting prepped for college baseball, quality instruction by paid coaches (not volunteers) will shape your game skills and provide the required boost at every level of your baseball career.

The Edge travel baseball program is will be one of the best run programs in Tampa. Our mission is to help young athletes become the best players they can be and to eventually help them get noticed by college scouts and coaches.

Our Teams are well managed and coached by experienced Baseball instructors. You may be the best player on your Little League or high school team, but you can bet there is a lot more to learn with Edge. We’ll help you focus your skills to develop better:

  • batting techniques
  • pitching and throwing form
  • defensive positioning
  • fielding scenarios
  • self confidence

 Every initiative our program takes on is given careful consideration so that we do things the right way, to deliver real value, and help our players achieve a higher standard. It’s for this reason that we will be one of the fastest growing and most respected baseball training programs in Tampa.

Prospective players should be willing to learn, work hard, and learn the game. Do you feel you have what it takes to be a Edge player? Fill out our prospective player form below to get started.

What to Expect When you Become a Part of Edge Travel Baseball Organization

A typical youth travel baseball team is an enriching experience and it can have a very positive influence on a young baseball player’s life.

 Our mission is to help you become better prepared for advanced competition throughout your Little League years and eventually during high school as you are preparing to showcase your talent for the college scouts. Our training program offers just the right balance between learning from expert coaches and competing with other teams. We prepare you physically and mentally for the toughest challenges on and off the field so that baseball becomes your coaching ground for many of life’s important lessons.

So take the first step to becoming an elite baseball player! Register Today!


Ray Reed

Our Staff

Experienced & Dedicated Baseball Coaches

The Edge coaching staff is a highly qualified, experienced team of baseball players/instructors who bring much more than game skills and technical knowledge to the table. With a mission to go beyond “trophy chasing” to share important life skills, game etiquette, sports ethics and team spirit, our staff makes a tremendous impact on every team member.

Ray Reed– Head Coach

More than a coach—a mentor, a guide, a hardcore baseball instructor, and above all, someone who really cares about his players, not just how they perform on the field.

Going beyond baseball coaching, He aims to boost confidence and bring out the best in every player, both on and off the field. Coach Reed has coached players of all ages for the past 20 years.

  • Current Head Baseball Coach Citrus Park Christian 2018-
  • Head Junior Varsity Baseball Coach Gaither High School: 1997 –2000
  • Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach Gaither High School: 2001-2012
  • Head Coach or Assistant for 4 Pony Baseball Colt World Series Champion's
  • 2011 AAU Winter National 15U Champions






Edge Travel Baseball Team Tryouts, 13u &14u

You know you’re a good player – maybe even really good, right? But are you ready and willing to learn even more?

The Edge travel baseball team offers:

  • Team training programs for all ages and ability levels
  • Experienced Coaching staff (over 20 years’ of experience)
  • Weekly practices
  • Off-Season training programs
  • At the end of the season, you’ll have the most engaged, well-rounded training and practice program. 

If you want a chance to play your best with the right training and the right competition to take your game to the next level, it’s time to fill out the prospective player form below and get more information about Edge tryouts.

 Spring 2018 Season Tryouts 13U & 14U!!!

Dates & Times: TBD

Place: Citrus Park Association

Ages 13U & 14U

Walkups will be accepted.

Items for parents to know

Intent of team will be to prepare players for high school baseball, skill development from age 12 through 16

I'm committed to keeping players that are committed to me, must show hard work and openness to coaching

Player safety is paramount - innings pitched will be closely monitored and breaks from baseball are required

Spring season will be January - end of June (6 months)*

Fees are $175 per month and include Athletic Training, baseball instruction

Costs for umpires and tournaments will be additional and split among'st parents as they occur (expect to be about $70 per month)

Will have practice twice during the week (days to be determined)

Will play games every 2-3 weeks and will be a mix of tournaments and doubleheaders*

Will look for a commitment in writing before each season (spring and fall)


April Baseball Fees

$ 175 USD


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