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The Exclusive, Development Program is for Committed Players Who Have a Burning Desire to Advance to the Next Level

Elite Fall Player Development Program

Advanced Player Development Membership

 Presenting cutting edge information taught at the highest level. Learn the

difference between personal style and the absolute fundamentals demonstrated by

 ALL high level players.

 Train to deliver the bat to the ball "On Time" with "Ballistic Force"

 You will also learn how to develop a more powerful arm through the use of

 overload and underload implements as well as a comprehensive core training

 protocol that has been rigorously tested.

 Comprehensive Training Program

 The Advanced Player Development Membership is the best player training

 program in Tampa, period. Don't take our word for it - here's who runs it and what

 you get out of it.


Ray Reed will spearhead the Strength, Speed and Agility and Hitting development.

 He is the Only IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the

 Tampa area and 1 of 3 IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist. A former Gaither High

 School assistant for 13 years, a manager or coach for four Pony Baseball Colt

 World Series Champions. Manager for an  AAU National Champion and has

 developed numerous players for the college and pro level..


Training Program - What You Get

The Advanced Player Development Membership is unlike any other program out

 there. You get unparalled instruction. Your training will be circuit-based for

 maximum effectiveness and will revolve around the following stations:

Ø  Mobility and Stability Training - We will design corrective exercise to strengthen your weaknesses and enhance your


Ø  Strength and Power Training – Individually designed to enhance performance!

Ø  Hitting Drills using Tee Work, Hit-a-ways, Live pitching and Medicine Ball

 Station - Get conventional tee work, Swing drills using a Hit-a-way and live

 pitching. Medicine ball training is also in this circuit to help develop rotational

 power and speed-strength

Ø   Velocity Training - Develop an elite throwing arm through the use of weighted

 baseball training, mechanical instruction through feel-based work.. A full

 resistance band and plyometric ball workout is included to build arm endurance

 and help keep your shoulders strong.

Ø  Pitching Instruction- We will assess each pitcher with slow motion video and 

 assess throughout the program – identify your weaknesses and assess your 

 strengths. You will learn drills, strategies and systems that you can take back

 home and continue to work through… and continue to grow… and

 continue to become stronger, more dynamic and more explosive.

Training Times

Pick one session:

·         Monday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

  • Tuesday 3:30 PM - 5:30PM
  • Thursday 3:30 PM - 5:30PM 

         This means you get at LEAST 24 hours per month of training, coming in at

 around $5/hour. 

 Program Costs

 This program will run for 8 Weeks from Oct 29th-Jan 18th.

$25 per week or $250 for all 12 weeks (save$50)



 Ready to Commit?

 If you're ready to become a complete player, we're ready to commit to helping you. 

If you have any questions Please Call Ray Reed at 813-507-3379

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Edge Elite Camp

$ 25 USD


Edge Elite Camp

$ 250 USD

12 Weeks Save $50

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