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Edge Fitness Pro's has programs for all ages, sports and budgets!

Sports Fitness Training and Sports Preparation must be functional, scientifically rational and progressive.

We teach younger athletes proper movement technique and help them develop functional strength, core strength, speed, agility, quickness and endurance

We help high school and collegiate athletes develop maximal levels of strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, explosiveness, balance and reactivity. We also help them learn the techniques appropriate to their sport or sports which will allow them to best capitalize on those attributes.

Teaching proper functional sports movement is critical
for youth athletes of all ages and sports.

Edge Fitness Pro's trainers and sports fitness professionals have the education and years of hands-on experiance needed to positively impact an athlete's performance.

Play well, play safe and play healthy!

Edge Fitness Pro's pursues its’ training and preparation programs with the goal of preventing or eliminating injury for every athlete we work with.

In order to excel and win, you must be able to stay in the game! No athlete ever determined the outcome of a contest from the trainer's table!

Edge Fitness Pro's athletes have a remarkable track record when it comes to staying healthy and playing at full speed all season long!

Victory with Integrity!

Edge Fitness Pro's creates an atmosphere in which athletes will be encouraged to train and play to win! From the smallest details to our overriding principals, we work vigorously to foster a “Culture of Victory with Integrity” for athletes of all ages!

Victory is sweetest when it's earned


Improve your son or daughters performance in & enjoyment of:

> Baseball - Develop hitting power and hand-eye coordination!
Increase speed and turn singles into doubles and doubles into triples!
Improve agility to become a "no-hit zone" in the field!
Improve arm speed and pitching velocity!
Prevent rotator cuff injuries

> Soccer - Develop the agility to move laterally like a cat!
Gain the speed to outrun defenders!
Get the quickness to win all the 50/50 balls, and
build core strength to stay on the ball on every play!
Eliminate knee and ankle inuries!

> Lacrosse - Build agility to sIdestep defenders with ease!
Develop power to handle and deliver hits with ease!
Increase athleticism to blaze to the goal and score in a flash!
Make nagging injuries a thing of the past!

> Basketball - Gain the strength to perform in the paint!
Develop lightning-fast hands and feet!
Build the speed and power to get open in traffic!
Get the core strength you need to rebound like a champ!

> Softball - Get the power you need to drive the ball hard!
Gain hand-eye coordination to make you dangerous at the plate!
Develop cat-like agility to cut off grounders in the hole!
Build speed to grab extra bases and run down fly balls!
Prevent back, shoulder and knee injuries!

> Hockey - Develop ice-melting skate speed!
Gain strength to take sharper wrist shots and crushing slapshots!
Get the kind of deadly accuracy every shooter wants!
Build the power for bone-jarring checks!
Virtually eliminate non-contact injuries!

> Football - Gain the strength to block like a truck!
Increase power to make crushing tackles!
Get the agility and quickness to make laser-sharp cuts!
Build the speed to outrun defenders and score at will!
Take knee, ankle and other nagging injuries out of the game!

> Tennis - Develop the strength and power to hit awesome shots!
Get the speed you need to move sideline to sideline in a flash!
Improve agility and quickness to start, stop and turn on a dime!
Stay one step, and one shot ahead of your opponent on every play!
Play injury free set after set!

> Volleyball - Build explosive jumping power!
Develop agility to change direction in a flash!
Gain strength to hit crushing spikes and smashes!
Improve speed and quickness and become a weapon on the court!
Prevent knee and ankle injuries!

> Track and Field - Develop explosive first step speed!
Improve acceleration and top-end speed!
Increase jumping and throwing power!
Improve your results, regardless of event!
Enjoy an injury-free season - every season!

> Field Hockey - Develop agility to sIdestep defenders with ease!
Build power to handle and deliver hits with ease!
Improve athleticism to blaze to the goal and score in a flash!
Make nagging injuries a thing of the past!

> Golf - Improve core and rotational strength!
Hit harder, longer, straighter shots!
Play fatigue-free every round!

Edge Fitness Pro's! Improves performance, eliminates injury and raises the level of enjoyment for our kids in every imaginable sport!

Ready to get your child started with the right exercise program?

Contact us today and we'll help make a difference in
your young athlete's attitude, performance and life today!

But wait a minute! My kid isn't really the athletic type! What can Edge Fitness Pro's! do for my child?

Improve your child's overall fitness levels! - Our programs are scientifically designed to help kids get physically fit. Because they're FUN, kids want to be in the program, and participate! Because they feel better they're more likely to want to do more!

Help every kid grow their "inner athlete!" - Every kid is an athlete! All kids are wired for athletic activity, at some level. How many times have we seen a "non-athlete" turn into a varsity starter in just a few years? Edge Fitness Pro's will help both athletes and "non-athletes" discover the joy of sports and sports fitness!

Help young athletes improve by helping them move better! - Every young athlete will get better if they learn to move better! Strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination and power are all skills that the young body is wired to learn and develop! Edge Fitness Pro's provides the functional, science based and fun programming to help young athletes get better, and play injury-free for life!

Beat back childhood obesity! - According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Obesity Association, 30-40% of all American kids are overweight, and 18% are obese! The primary cause? INACTIVITY and POOR DIET! If we do nothing, our kids will face a life filled with heart disease, asthma, Type 2 diabetes, sleep disorders, joint pain and the psycho-social stigmas of being overweight! By stepping up and helping them win the "weight game" now, we insure a better today and a brighter tomorrow for our children!

Improve your child's cardio-respiratory fitness and health! - The American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics say that millions of American kids risk developing heart disease due to "behavioral factors." Inactivity and poor diet are cited as the top 2 factors! Let's get them healthy now and equip them to stay that way!

Bolster your kids' mood and their mental and emotional health! - Exercise releases endorphins, making the mind and body feel great! Exercise relieves stress and helps improve self-esteem! A better self-image and a happier approach to life improves the potential to do more and do better!

Improve joint health and mobility! - Millions of kids suffer needless joint injuries each year. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that nearly a quarter of a million kids have osteo-arthritis (usually associated with aging!) due to inactivity or overuse of computers, cell phones, video games, etc. Healthy bones...healthy joints...HEALTHY KIDS!

"This is really fun! I never thought I'd
like exercise, but I love the 'Rabbit Game!'"

Let's make your kid a "FitKid!" Contact us today for a free trial, and see how much fun it can be for kids to get and stay healthy! 

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